Monday, January 25, 2010

Furious Styles & DJ Dub Present: Jay Electronica – Victory (Mixtape)

I have been gone awhile just busy with work and all the other B.S. that life throws at us, so with that said I have something that has been out for couple weeks but is refreshing none the less. Jay Electronica is a guy who wasn't really on my map til right around the time I stopped putting up post. In my time off I have become very familiar with him and understand what all the hype is about. He is a lyrical beast coming at you from all directions which is great and on top of it he has some of the best beat selections in awhile. Well enough of the hype listen for yourself and you decide.



“In the current state of music, an artist like Jay (Electronica) deserves the attention of anyone who even THINKS they like Hip-Hop. We’re not saying that he’s the savior but he’s been working on the humble for years and Exhibit C opened him up to the world. World, meet Jay Electronica…support his victory for Hip-Hop.” – DJ DUB

“I truly believe that everyman has a story and Jay Electronica’s story is definitely the current soundtrack to Hip-Hop. He makes the impossible seem possible. Dub and I wanted to share his soundtrack with those that were unfamiliar. Let’s welcome back the lyricists to Hip- Hop.” – DJ FURIOUS STYLES.


Furious Styles & DJ Dub Present: Jay Electronica – Victory (Mixtape)

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