Monday, November 23, 2009

Lupe Talks New Mixtape Dropping Thanksgiving.

Well I know It has been a few days but I am back with a good look.Lupe makes his announcement about his upcoming mixtape to MTV News.

"The last six months, it's been like, 'I gotta really, really go out there and show that I'm nicer than all of them,' " Lupe said. "It's like, 'All right, so be it. If it takes three more albums to do it, then so be it.' That's what I got left with Atlantic. Three more after Lasers. I'm already done with two. The mixtape is coming Thanksgiving. It'll be another mixtape after that and an album after that. It's really to get that status and lock it in and [and have people] be like, 'Look at this positive dude, the underdog. The positive one who came and murdered all these dudes. And he's there, and he's good.' "

Lupe said he isn't concerned about what he has to do — he's going to prove he's the best.

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