Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chace Infinite (Self Scientific) – I Would Have Killed This (Mixtape)

Most Self Scientific fans know that a number of the songs that DJ Khalil does with other artists were originally songs or ideas intended for Self Scientific. Cashmere Agency and Prohibit NYC Present I Would Have Killed This is a full mixtape by Self Scientific’s frontman Chace Infinite and finds him going in over some of the more well-known beats that his partner, DJ Khalil, produced for other artists. The first joint leaked was over the popular “Kinda Like A Big Deal” track that featured The Clipse and Kanye West. Next, Chace attacked “I Still Kill,” the beat Khalil produced for 50 Cent and Akon. In classic Self Scientific fashion, Chace changes the subject matter to instead discuss life and his attempts to understand his own journey. Be sure to download the entire mixtape to hear the Chace Infinite put his own spin on 10 Khalil beats that were snatched up by other artists. The mixtape also contains a bonus of three original Self Scientific songs. – Cashmere Agency

Now for most of us this is a big day as this has been long time coming. Well on to the good stuff.

Chace Infinite (Self Scientific) – I Would Have Killed This (Mixtape)

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